Monday, February 22, 2010

Broken Govt. / Dubai

The  charge that Washington is ' BROKEN" speaks more to a misreading of the '08 election results than true dysfunction.
The country is divided on many issues,with probably 30-40% of the voters Independent and swinging back and forth  between the Reps and Dems depending upon the issues,economy,personalities and general feeling within the country.
Obama  and his Chicago team thought that they had a mandate to turn the country radically left.Instead of concentrating on the economy, he got a bug up his tuchas and spent a year on health care, cap  and trade,supporting the unions in beefing up government workers.
As the time went on, the 2 themes people saw were increased spending  with deficits, and ,more and more taxes.When the town hall meetings took place, the WH reacted poorly, blaming everyone but themselves.
To date we have never heard Obama  say he was wrong on any issue.nor does he recognize that he is not listening to the American people.His answer is always another speech.
The problem is,that we have heard it all already. Whea America wants is a Clintonesque turn to the center.Stopping Pelosi and backdoor deals are a must!
Twenty or forty years ago without 24 hour cable news and bloggers,politicians could get away with almost anything except having your mistress jump into a public pool.Those days are over.
Our founding fathers created checks,balances, filibusters and judicial review to force the politicians to work together. When that once again happens,the system will 'WORK".

The assassination of a Hamas leader in a Dubai hotel room was performed without injury to any innocents.If Israel did it,it will certainly be a reminder to all terrorists that their lives are not forever.If someone else did it, the terrorist world will never believe it,so that the same warnings go out to the bad guys-watch out.