Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The IDF in Haiti /The GOP Momentum

Last nite we attended a dinner cruise in Miami Beach for Shaare Zedek Hospital.It was nice to see some old friends,and  classmates.
What was informative was Prof. Yonatan Helevy who is Director General of the hospital,who talked about the IDF role in Haiti,which we had previously commented upon.He noted that a number of the surgeons ,including the Commander of the unit were from Shaare Zedek.He also pointed out that the major equipment brought to Haiti by the IDF,such as respirators  were left there for the local hospitals when the unit left last week.The Israeli unit was the first and most complete unit in place,caring for thousands of patients including major surgeries.

The news that an old friend of mine Sen. Dan Coats will be running for ( his old seat) the Senate in Indiana against Sen.Bayh not only is good news for Indiana Republicans, but for the national party. If Pataki would commit himself in NY there is a real possibility that the Reps could gain control of the Senate.
The Cook Report now puts Delaware in the Rep column,and Illinois is a great possible pickup.Lincoln,Landrieu,Reid,Boxer  among others are all vulnerable.The momentum is clear.