Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What started as an interesting spy story that will someday be a movie appears to be heading toward a farcical situation.
First there was a team of 11 assassins, using false passports ,some using Israeli names.Today Dubai announced 15 more members of the team at least a few of whom escaped via Iran.YES..Iran!
Of course not mentioned in any of the newspapers is that the Hamas master-killer was likewise traveling on a false passport and under a false name.
It would appear that on any given day,Dubai as a center of intrigue has many visitors who carry false passports.
As the plot thickens we would ask did they need a team of 26 to kill one murderer?Could Iran have been involved? Was the PA or some third party trying to frame Israel?
Can't wait for the next chapter.

When we learn Chumash, we stress the sale of the Hebron plot to Abraham, for the purpose of a burial site for our forefathers,Similarly The Rachel Tomb is an integral part of our history and heritage.That the PM had to have his arms twisted to designate them as such speaks to the syndrome of Jews vs Israelis.That Abbas threatened war over these designations is a sad commentary on the PA desire for true peace.
Only the Israelis have allowed each and every religion complete access to every religious site