Thursday, February 04, 2010


I don't recall the exact year,but in the 1980's I came up with the concept of an IPA Institute for (of) Public Affairs for the OU. At the time I was a Senior V.P. and Chairman of the Public Affairs Comm. of the OU.Of course as the President of HUVPAC, and a leader in the AIPAC organization, it seemed to be a great fit.
Subsequently I came up with the concept of a Washington summer internship.I went from Senator to Senator and Cong-Congressman in addition to AIPAC, and we soon had a viable exciting program  with interns from across the US serving in both Rep and Dem offices.Each year the number of interns increased.
Eventually we opened a Washington office and sent Nathan Diament to be our Washington leader.For the years of my Presidency,the program  prospered.
This is not the place to discuss the successes or its potential.
Sadly this evening I was informed that the OU is  closing down the program.The excuses I heard to me speak to poor lay leadership and a lack of political sophistication.
They are talking about 2 post-college positions in the OU Washington office.Sounds OK, however they have allowed a once dynamic program to go down the tube.
I remember we even had an IPA dinner to support the internship program,and was able to mobilize the non-orthodox political community for this program.
I always believed that with proper followup, these young men and women interns could become  the next generation of OU leaders.
"What was..was "
Our community still  needs the next generation of political leadership-