Monday, February 15, 2010

Sen Bayh / Sen. Coats

Yes the retirement of Sen. Bayh is surely in part due to his frustration with the system.Even with all the money in the bank, he was expecting a challenge from the right.He also angered many liberals when he  called upon the President to veto the stimulus bill.But as a long time politician and a son of a Senator, he knew enough not to take the polls seriously especially when done by left wing pollsters.The mood and atmosphere for Dems is sour,and he read the tea-leaves.
He was an attractive personality in his home state.I recall the only time I ever met him,I was impressed with his warmth and personality.Whether he will consider himself a future candidate for the Presidency,is hard to gauge.He tried that unsuccessfully in the past,
One of Republican opponents at least until now is Sen. Dan Coats.I recall bringing him to NY to meet the OU, and then to Monsey for an HUVPAC event.When members of Congress visited us in Rockland County,we gave them a shofar on a plaque.
A few years later while visiting Coats in his office,I saw the shofar on his shelf.I volunteered to blow it,The ensuing sounds of the Tekiah etc, aided by the huge Senate ceilings caused a cacophony that brought security people running down the hall .