Sunday, February 07, 2010


On the one hand, the Obama administration has reacted amateurishly in pronouncing a close to Gitmo,and its handling of Ft. Hood and the x-mas failed bomber.Most of their errors have come about because they are looking so far left that they lose sight of common sense.
However in the international battle against Al Qaeda especially with the increased use of drones in Yemen,Pakistan and Afghanistan they have excelled beyond the Bush efforts No wonder the ACLU is trying to hamper their efforts,

Sarah Palin got lots of air time last nite with her Tea Party talk.Whether she is the person for 2012, I withhold judgement.She does however stir the masses  who are angry at the massive budget shortfalls with new taxes.
I have not heard anything on foreign policy of the caliber that a seasoned leader should profess.We will watch her over the next year and mark her progress.
I hope the Tea Party activists can be involved  in strengthening conservative candidacies in the Republican Party.