Thursday, February 11, 2010

Climate Theology / WH -HC telethon / Palin

You have to love those who worship "global warming".
If it's cold-we were warned to expect that.
If it snows-you see the moisture from global warming-it proves our case.
If  it rains or a hurricane-you see we told you.
If it's hot=that's what we've said all along!

I e-mailed GOP whip Eric Cantor today, saying that IF they go to the WH extravaganza with TV, they should prepare like for an Oscar telethon.Bright ,easily understood charts, 2-3 minute videos on every aspect of HC and so on.They need a media consultant.

The Palm Beach Post is a very left-wing paper.Even they ridiculed the WH for attacking Palin for  the few words on her palm.It is beneath them.Whether she is qualified today to serve as President is really not the issue.Gov. Palin did a heck of a job running her State,which is a lot more than these liberal feminists have ever done.So what if Obama is a Law Professor,if his policies are wrong,and he has no idea how to govern Harry Truman was a "simple haberdasher" who through tough times rose to the occasion and served our country well.Adlai Stevenson was brilliant,but the people rejected him
These insulated small-minded liberals from CNN,MSNBC and so on, perhaps today are succeeding in character assassination.Whether time and experience will change the mood of the people,and these attackers will find that their attacks simply strengthen Palin cannot now be predicted.
It's not over until the fat man sings.