Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Res Ipsi Loqitar( I hope I spelled it correctly)

Having spent yesterday and today traveling to Florida,and a little tired, I think there is no need for an extensive blog.
The huge sweep in Virginia by such margins and the N.J. win by Christy says it all.
It is still too early for NY -23, and the Congressional race in Calif., (which Politico describes as a possible upset for the Reps.)but that should swing to Hoffman.
The talking heads in the WH, NYT, CNN etc can say this has nothing to do with Obama-fine.But each of us knows that taxes,jobs,the economy, the huge shift to the left,all originate from Obama,and the people are frightened.
Tonite will surely change the outcome of Obamacare and Tax and Trade.
I can't wait for 2010!