Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Hoax

This morning Drudge reports on an apparently deranged individual that caused a riot in Columbus Ohio. She rented a limo and driver,went to a clothing store,and announced she had won a lottery of $500,000, and had 1.5 million to spend to buy clothing for everyone in the store.
People got on their cell phones and called friends etc, and soon there was mayhem.Why? because it was all a hoax.After she maxed out her $5000 credit card ,she ran away.The limo driver turned her in to the police, because he was not going to be paid.In the meantime, when the people in the store found out that they were not getting free clothing, they rioted and destroyed the store.
Sounds to me like Obama healthcare-promise the people-no taxes, better care,no problems with reduced coverage,no bias against elderly citizens and so on,and of course no increase in the defecit.
Seven years from now,when the people will find out,that we have socialized medicine a-la Canada and G.B., and that all the promises were a hoax,and a crude political scheme,will they riot? throw the rascals out of office, or just be complacent? By then Obama and team will be about ready to retire to the lecture circuit.