Friday, October 23, 2009

J Street

The J Street emergence is extremely troubling.It is not as the Jewish Week in its editorial claims, a matter of different points of view.HERE YOU HAVE AN ORGANIZATION SPONSORED BY ARAB AND MUSLIM SOURCES, THAT ARE OUTIDE THE PARAMETERS OF DIFFERENCES OF OPINION.This includes Gaza, Hamas,JERUSALEM,Iran,and what is the root cause of the PA-Israel divide (Israel of course).Pressure on Israel is one of their main talking points.
With "Zionists" like that what need is there for Arab groups?
It would be comparable to "Jews for J----". The fact that they call themselves Jews,doesn't mean we have accept them as such.
J Sreet can call themselves "Zionists" but that is where the relationship ends.`
Sadly former Minisrter Livni sent 3 Kadimah representatives to the convention.

For myself,, I believe that pro-Israel PAC's and contributers have to lay the law down to members of Congress.If you accept money from J Street, forget the rest of the community.