Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Speech Prize

The awarding of the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama takes an award that had already become suspect down to joke level. At least prior unsavory recipients such as Jimmy Carter or Yasir Arafat had actually achieved something. Certainly reasonable,serious people would scoff at the Oslo peace accords or the successful promulgation of questionable climatological science.At least these were actually accomplishments. As even Saturday Night Live (hardly a conservative outfit) noted, Barack Obama has achieved next to nothing.
It is even more astonishing to recognize that the committee had to submit their votes by early February - after three weeks in office! Essentially the award must have been, based on his landmark inaugural and campaign speeches that we all know have changed the world. Some have surmised the award is predicated on the (hope) for the future. This is akin to giving the Heisman award to the highest rated high school football recruit. Why actually play the games?
Perhaps most disturbing of all, is the denial of the award to those truly deserving. There are many freedom fighters who have risked their lives in Burma ,Iran and other repressed regimes who were passed over. In fact this award, voted on by five Norwegians selected by Norway's parliament should not be given anywhere near the attention it receives. If recipients' accomplishments are a joke, the award itself should be treated as such.

Paul Ratzker