Thursday, October 29, 2009

Polling / Pelosicare / Hagel

Today we poll everything,as though John-Q-Public has an educated position on every issue.Thus it is funny to see Rasmussen say the there is a 50% DIVIDE AS TO WHETHER CELL PHONE USEAGE IS RELATED TO BRAIN CANCER.
(someone asked me,why sometimes I use capital letters?The truth is I am a terrible typist and have to concentrate on my fingers,and by the time I realize that I used capitals,I am too lazy to go back).
Surely this is a scietific question,and not a sociologic one.

You have to hand it to Speaker Pelopsi,how she can stand there and say with a straight face that the new bill is defecit neutral.
What with the CBO saying this is a 1.0555 trillion dollar bill,and the fact that 250 billion for doctors has been removed, but will be added at a later time,plus all the tax increases and so on this is truly a gigantic hole in our deficit.Plus the bill does away with Meicare Advantage,which millions of seniors love.

The appointment of Sen. Chuck Hagel as Vice-Chairman of the Inelligence Board is another poke in the eye for the pro-Israel community