Monday, October 26, 2009


This mornings poll from the NY 23rd district battle is encouraging and amazing if true.
Conservative Hoffman is now leading at 31% with the Dem Owen at 27% and the Rep. Scozzafava 3rd with 20%.A Hoffman victory along with wins in Va and perhaps NJ will show that the Rep-conservatives can make great headway in 2010.

I just finished reading A SAFE HAVEN -Harry S. Truman and the founding of Israel,by Allis and Ronald Radosh.This 2009 book (a fathers day gift to me)is an extensive study of the events from FDR to the May 15 announcement of Statehood.
Truly a fascinating book.I would like to cover 4 main points that impressed me

1-Hatred for the Jews and their place in the ME,has been constant.At every opportunity to discuss,negotiate or allude to the need to bring Jews frem the DP camps to Palestine,the Arabs could only counter a generic " we will wipe their blood on the desert floor. This includeded face to face meetings with FDR, HST, the UN or its Commissions.

2-Political pressure, lobbying and personal contacts works in the U.S. where even Presidents look at potential results from upcoming elections where Jews play a key role.Eddie Jacobson, Trumans buddy and partner,was key in arranging Presidential appointments that Truman did not want to transpire-such as a critical one with Chaim Weitzman.

3-The State Dept is in herently an Arabist institution.Not only did they try to stop the creation of the State, but they used sabatoge against the President.
Even after Truman recognized the State,they were busy trying to negate the Pres.

4-The heroic efforts of Clark Clifford and the role of President Truman deserve everlasting gratitude from the Jewish people and nation.