Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wexler leaves, / Nobel Committee

As a constituent I am overjoyed that Cong. Wexler will be leaving the House tomorrow.His new position with a left wing group financed by Slim-fast owner Danny Abraham will certainly afford him a better salary.However what effect he can have on ME peace is problematic,as there is no movement visible in the near future.And if Hamas and the PA join in a unity move without Hamas accepting Israel and previous agreements,likely Israel will call off any real contact with Abbas.
Perhaps if I were 20 years younger,I would consider a try for the GOP nomination in the district(in truth I am only in the area 7 months a year).However it is a job for a younger person,who wants to spend their days raising funds for the next election.

My friend Yoram Ettinger in his letter to his friends, notes an interesting aspect to the Nobel Prize.
Look at the awards committee.It's Chairman Thorbjorn Jagnon,is a former PM, and
Foreign Minister.He is known for his opposition to US and Israeli policies.He is also Chairman of a Peace and Human Rights group that has advanced a dovish-leftist world view,in cooperation with Jimmy Carter.As a member of Parliament,he represents a body that wishes to deal with Hamas,have dialogue with Iran, condemns Islamophobia, and until Obama has attacked US and Israeli policies.
They believe the US must resist unilateral military or political interventions.
The purpose of the award says Yoram, is to Europeonize US policies.He concludes , that the negative reactions to the award, may turn out to be a reverse of the Baalam story-they came to bless but wound up cursing.
The group that does the choosing are not experts, but ideologically-oriented politicians.