Thursday, September 03, 2009


I thank my son for blogging for me while we were in Ireland.The Jewish community in Ireland today measures 1200 individuals.The Orthodox synagogue in Dublin has 3 minyanim a day,and about 100 people came for Shabbat services.
The Rabbi is a young Chabad Rav,but the entire congregation is ashkenaz.At the kiddush asfter services I had an opportunity to speak with the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland.He is obviously on the liberal side of the political spectrum in Israel.
Unlike the 4% my son quoted as thinking Obama is pro-Israel,the Ambassador believes he is a friend.He notes that (he just returned from Israel) that the Mitchell-Bibi talks are going well,and the eventual resumption of talks with the PA are a good beginning.Whether this is his personal belief or the party line I do not know.
The weather was rainy each day,however the people are just about the warmest you could find.
For the first time ever we stayed in a B&B that was recommended by the Rabbi,near the shul.The owner serves a kosher breakfast,and has a constant flow of orthodox Jews from the states and Israel