Friday, September 18, 2009


Now that the NAACP Bill Cosby and many prominent Blacks ,as well 12- 17 % ( who are these people) of those answering polls believe that criticism of the President is racist then the following must be asked.
What are the parameters of dissent against a black politician?Are you allowed to get passionate in your disagreement?How do we know that disagreeing on legislation is not a sign - to paraphrase our great former President of "Racism in my heart"?
Or are we trying to stifle dissent?
I was thinking that when Colin Powell and Condi Rice were Sec. of State, and one disagreed, race never came up.Now this political correctness is a major problem, that threatens open debate.

Three cheers for Bibi for not caveing in to pressure of Mitchell both on settlement construction , and not agreeing to continue negotiations from where they left off.As Bibi said,if there is a meeting -fine ,if not also fine.

shana tovah to all