Tuesday, September 22, 2009


However, the Arabs are learning, you cannot negotiate with a government and refuse to consummate the deal in the hope that a better deal will come along, and then go back to where you left off with a new administration.
Arafat and Abbas missed the boat,and with Bibi's election with a R wing govt.,and the lessons of Gaza, Israel is not in a mood to stop either settlements,divide Jerusalem or admit a fifth column of Arabs.
Thank G-d Olmert is history!
Obama who looked strong 3-6 months ago is now weak. His concern for a failing domestic agenda, THE LEAKS OVER A FAILING POLICY IN AFGHANISTAN AND NO PROGRESS WITH IRAN, are part olf his problem.
The Europeans are unhappy over the lack of action on environmental issues ,and his party is fractured on that issue, financial reform and healthcare.
The polls are not a positive issue for him.
Thus he settled for a photop-op,howevever Abbas is too weak to compromise,Hamas too strong to allow him to do so, and Bibi does not have his heart or political will in the direction of Palestinian murderers.
Bibi is doing great, and let the talk about more talk begin!