Sunday, September 13, 2009


In its classical anti-Israel stance,todays NY Times has pieces definately meant to reinforce the liberal agenda.
One is a crtical negative book review of Norm Podhoretz's book "Why Jews are Liberals?".
I suggest those who would like to hear a con servative point of view, look at the symposium in the current Commentary magazine on this topic.
The other is a puff piece in the Sunday magazine section on "J Street".
For an in depth analysis of who they are I suggest you look at todays Jerusalem Post where Lenny Ben-David, a former AIPAC professional and a senior diplomat in the Israeli embassy in Washington , gives the true scoop.
Tonite I spoke in Rockland County at ASHAR on the topic "were Jews wrong about Obama?. I DISCUSSED BOTH OF THESE ISSUES EXTENSIVELY!