Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Presidential Polls

Some very interesting polls were released today by Quinnipiac with respect to the important swing states of Penn., Florida and Ohio. Firstly, Clinton continues to lead in the Democratic race by 20 points or more in each state. Likewise, Guiliani leads the Republican race in all three states (although the race has tightened in Ohio). Perhaps most interesting is that Guiliani leads both Obama and Clinton in all three states. Obviously, these are numbers which have to frighten Democratic strategists as there is almost no chance that Clinton or Obama can win without winning two of these three states. With all of the talk that the Democrats have the advantage heading into an election year, so far the polls do not reflect such an advantage.
As an aside, it will be interesting to see the Democrats on a stage together tonight for the first time at the debate in S. Carolina. Will they attack each other or only attack the Republicans? Will Clinton loosen up? Stay tuned.