Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Looming Confrontation

Tonight's vote by the House to set a deadline for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq moves Congress one step closer to a confrontation with the President over the war in Iraq. The recent statements and actions by Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi, including Reid's statement that "the war is lost", Reid's statement that he would not believe General Petraeus if he said progress was being made and Pelosi's initial refusal to meet with Petraeus to hear his briefing, clearly exhibit that the Democrats have decided to wave the white flag toward the enemy. Yet tonight Patraeus insisted that progress is being made especially in the Anbar province. The President and the Republicans in Congress understand the importance of staying tough in Iraq and should not give in following the President's eventual veto of the spending bill. They should force the Democrats to choose between funding the troops and making happy. This is a confrontation which should benefit Bush and the Republicans (just as the budget battle in 1995 benefited Clinton and the Democrats).