Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The AIPAC case

One final thought before I take a 3 week break.The decision by Judge Ellis to refuse to close portions of the espionage trials against the former AIPAC officials is the the first of two he should make.
The second is to throw the whole case out.This is a travesty of justice.Jewish organizations,and especially AIPAC have nothing to be proud of by abandoning the 2 staffers.They were doing nothing more than that which is done daily with both members of the press, and Washington staffers of organizations that have an interest in policy and legislation.How many times have we sat with government officials who have spoken off the record,or have given insight into analyses of events,people and governments.These are the ways of our democracy ,and the 2 did nothing wrong.
Moreover it puts a chill into every journalist and public advocacy group.