Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dirty pool /Hamas reacts

The new political internet ad against Hillary is beyond reasonable taste.Obama, instead of dancing around,should have condemned the ad which shows a bunch of political zombies being brainwashed by Hillary on a giant screen.An amazon -like woman , throws a ball at the screen, which explodes.This is followed by some wording to support Obama.
It really is too early for negative campaigning.


A number of months ago I predicted that after a PA-Hamas unity govt was formed, Abbas would choose Dahlen to a high post, and immediately would be attacked by Hamas for doing so.This appointment yesterday, and the Hamas reaction taken together with some residual fighting between the 2 groups and the continued boycott of the new govt by the big four ,portends a poor outcome for the unity govt.
Dahlen,the Gaza PA security Chief is a long time Hamas foe.


The President has himself to blame to a great extent, in the current series of attacks by the Dems on the Attorney General. He should have confronted them,and said "enough is enough" in view of the law and the Clinton record.