Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama at AIPAC

No question he can deliver a polished speech and with the help of the teleprompter,and great writers can come across as a real friend of Israel.
In truth, the military and intelligence relationship between the U.S. and Israel are in great shape.In addition the added funds for the Iron Dome anti-missle project is of inestimable help in saving future lives.
That he promised diplomatic cover at the UN was the least he could do,especially inview of time after time the race to get a US veto drags out to the last moment,and only after political pressure.
He stated why he raised these issues,namely he believes time is not on the side of Israel.There are those who believe that Emanuel Rahm,Thomas Friedman,Susan Rice and Hillary pressured the President
In truth he asked for no concessions from Abbas-only from Bibi and Israel.
He did not mention the "right of reurn"
He did not mention the status of Jerusalem,even though in another life he and Hillary announced that Jerusalem cannot be divided.
He did mention that Shalit was still a prisoner.
He mentioned Hamas but mainly said the PA will have some explaining to do-he should have said "Abbas break up this agreement with the terrorists"
He talked about a "contiguous "Palestine-How? Where? does he want to divide Israel?
He mentions Israel should withdraw from its borders and have the security guaranteed by Palestinians.What Israeli wwould want their security provided by Arabs?
finally the Europeans getting impatient! Aren't these the same people that sat engrossed in their own issues as 6 million Jews perished?
Jewish survival cannot depend on the Europeans,UN,Obama or the Arab world.
We have learned our lessons-.
Thus it eas a nice speech,but nothing has changed.