Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was rurning the channel when suddenly there was a picture of a man wheeling a wheelchair up a cliff (with a person in the chair) ,come up to the edge and gently tip the chair over, throwing what I now know to be a senior citizen into the ocean.There followed with a line across the screen
"America is beautiful".
This is the latest Democratic attack ad against the Republicans-accusing them of wanting to throw grandma over the cliff with their Medicare proposals,
The ad itself is disgusting and in poor taste.Moreover it signifies that there can be no rational intelligent discussion about a program that I use,but will lead to our banktuptcy in a few years.I don't know if I support Cong Ryan'S plan,even though it will not effect me.But I do know that we expect our leaders to bring up these issues for debate and consideration, without being subject to such a hideous attack.
How do the Dems expect to deal with the Rep. House if they allow their attack dogs to act in such a manner?

The Knesset has in Committee begun the path to declare that the Turkish Govt. committed genocide against the Armenians in previous years the PM prevented such a discussion and vote.for fear of offending Turkey.Since Turkey is no longer an ally there is no reason to put off a vote.
As I wrote recently, the Congress of the U.S. should look at this issue, and pass a similar resolution.

Sadly I report the death of one of the founders of our Boynton Beach synagogue Elie Frances,our former Gabbai and Treasurer.The first services were held in his home.Sadly he did not live to see the completion of our new building.
May the family be comfoted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem