Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama and the ME


OBAMA WILL TRY TO BEAT BIBI TO THE PUNCH.A speech on the need for peace-where have I heard that before?
What can he say-Hamas has rejected all peace efforts,Syria should be attacked by NATO under the Obama doctrine--1000 dead,10,000 jailed indiscrimate firing on cities-Egypt turning to Hamas and Iran-what is his option?

The PA is in trouble financially-the Arab States are in a bind,and they never cared for the they will forward even less funds despite promises.
Congress will not allow US money to go to Hamas-whether they can stop that which is the pipeline,I don't know.
Bibi in order to hold his coalition together cannot easily give in on settlement buildings-
I see no chance that any Obama plan can lead to anything serious-unless he forces Abbas back to direct negotiations-unlikel;y