Thursday, May 19, 2011


When we had an apartment in Netanya,the front faced the water,and through the back window we bordered on pre-1967 territory.We were at the narrowest point of pre-1967 Israel.
Today Barack HUSSEIN Obama showed his true Muslim feelings.It was a messge to Israel,"I will help you commit suicide".
Absent was any denunciation of the right of return=the end of Israel,or the plight of Jews who fled from mArab countries.
There was no thought given to the fact that if Obama said withdraw to pre-"67 borders,why does the PA have to negotiate?It is all done for them by BHO.
Simply stating the fact that Hamas will not recognize Israel,without stating that the PA must divorce themselves from these murderers is an important omission.
It is all moot,since the Arabs will not recognize Israel as a Jewish State,and Israel cannot divide Jerusalem,accept Arab "refugees, or go back to '67.
More than ever, Jews must abandon the Obama re-election effort.