Monday, May 16, 2011

Bibi---Nakba / The GOP

It was interesting to see the contents of Bibi's speech to the Knesset yesterday.It was in essence the theme that I wrote about yesterday-namely the root cause of the PA-Israel and Arab-Israel conflict is not borders or any issue like that.It is the refusal to accept a Jewish State in the ME.

It is interesting that Obama will address AIPA next week.However remember last year(or 2 years ago), Hillary stood there and stated Jerusalem isa the eternal...........capitol....of Israel.
A few days later she retracted her statements.
So much for consistency !

My own response to the Nakba invasion at the Golan would take a different tack-that would teach Asdsad a lesson.
The problem is, that it might divert attention away fro the Syrian dictator.
I would send IDF jets and bomb the tanks that are sorrounding 1 or 2 of the major Syrian cities-like Homs.The minutes those tanks would be destroyed,the people would start a spontaneous march to Damascus to overthrow Assad.The minute Israeli jets would knock out the first few tanks, the rest would hightail it , and stop the indiscriminate shelling of the people.
The lesson would be-you want to encourage a peoples march-well we will help your people organize one.

The Trump-Huckabee announcement were not suprises.The Gingrich attack on the Republican House and Paul Ryan,show that Newt brilliant as he is, is not fit to be our leader.It is still early and we may see some draft movements-ie--Bush-Christie-Rubio and a few others.
The speculation that Daniels if chosen would pick Condoleeza Rice as a VP-would turn me off