Friday, May 27, 2011


One pre-shabbat thought:
I heard Juan Williams the token Fox Liberal attack Bibi for Lecturing Obama in the Oval Office.
Many left wing commentators similarly stresseD "lack of protocal"," lack of diplomacy" arrogant and so on.
I did not see any joking fromm the left when Obama looked like a ninny holding a glass in his hand and turning to the Queen making a toast while the band played "G-d save the Queen".She looked at him as though he was a silly amateur.Nor did the mainstream press talk about his signing '2008' in the guest book.
Yes maybe Bibi was impertinant,or arrogant or undiplomatic...but you know what, when his nation is under the gun by a "RASHAH" LIKE OBAMA ,his obligation was to speak as forcefully as possible-when he had the chance.
Mordechau told Queen Esther " it is for this ( to save the Jews) that you were chosen.
Surely G-d placed an articulate,english speaking.handsome PM in this situation to let the world know--NEVER AGAIN,AND HAVE THE CONGRESS GIVE HIM 29 STANDING OVATIONS,MORE THAN OBAMA RECIEVED IN HIS STOU (26).