Thursday, January 05, 2006


Our prayers go to Prime Minister Sharon for a full recovery.
As I noted previously the health situation of world leaders is never discussed honestly in time of illness.It now come out ,that his Cardiac defect was known about well in advance, despite portraying him as” fit as a fiddle.”We do not know at this moment his true condition.Ventilators,anesthesia etc mask cerebral function and status.
The chance of recovery from a bleed into the brain of this apparent magnitude, complicated by his anticoagulant therapy,are slim.Even if he survives, and that is a huge IF,the rehabilitation time could be months to years with the eventual outcome uncertain.
The whole dynamics of a one–man party are totally and irrevocably overturned. There has to be a massive and difficult fight for party leadership,which could fracture Kadimah before they get off the ground.Some of the Kadimah people may jump ship for their loyalty and political deals were with Sharon (often in secret).Olmert is no Sharon!
I hope that Netanyahu will be able to convince Sharansky to take a larger role in Likud,and convince Benny Begin to return to politics.If the Religious Zionists and Nationalist groups could unite under Netanyahu, the results of polling will look a lot different in 45 days,after the sympathy factor for Sharon is off the table.
Of course HAMAS will do its part by increased terror attacks and IF there is a PA election, doing well, thereby scaring the Israeli body politic.
Thank G-d the vitality of the Israeli democracy will overcome and withstand such cataclysmic events.