Friday, December 23, 2005


The apparent lack of public outcry from Young Israel branches, Rabbis and lay leaders to the Forward story, speaks volumes to the status of what was once a great and innovative synagogue group. When the Lanner affair hit the press, OU branches started to hold back dues in addition to making demands for mass firings and resignations.Of course we responded with the Joel Commission.
Here we see the disconnect between NCYI and its branches.Most branches outside of the NY area APPEAR TO BE UNAWARE of the story.
True the OU involved a sex scandal which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM A “GARDEN-VARIETY “ monetary scandal which unfortunately we have become accustomed to.
One would like to believe that in the world of organizational transparency, a full and public explanation would be forthcoming–certainly for the sake of KOVOD HATORAH. Any smell or scandal leads to a chilul hashem..