Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sen Menendez-- NCYI 12/15/05

The appointment of Cong Bob Menendez to fill the seat of Senator Corzine should be a plus for our community.While Corzine had a good record,Menendez has been an outspoken leader of the Pro-Israel Congressional leadership.

The story in this weeks Forward on the National Council of Young Israel and their Nursing Homes comes as no suprise.I discuss in my book, that negotiations for a merger ( OU-NCYI ) came to a halt for a number of reasons.One of them was our desire to inspect the nursing home books.
If there is a strong and competent and leadership at NCYI they should demand an outside panel to investigate,publish the results and oversee any indicated changes.
It reminds me of our approach to the Lanner scandel