Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The War in Afghanistan

The leaked military papers on the war must be put into context.
1 Most of the material is not new.In fact the duplicity of the Pakistani security forces,the role of Iran and the corruption have been discussed ad nauseum.
2 You don't have to be a military expert to realize the war is going poorly.This is a primitive corrupt society with no feeling for democracy and the rule of law
3 Narcotics rule the day,and billions of both our money and narcotic money leave every week"legally" to Switzerland.
4. The artificial timetable of Obama cannot work for 3 reasons.
A the war is not going well
B Why should the locals sign up with us.if in 1-3 years we will be gone and the Taliban will take revenge.Look at Bret Stephens article yesterday in the WSJ. as to the results of withdrawal from Vietnam and Cambodia-genocide.
C The local could not take over in 1 year.
5 When Obama was campaigning he attacked Bush for being in Iraq, when we should have been in Afghanistan. Now it is his war, and as yesterdays House vote shows,his party in the Congress is not supporting him.He has no way out.
6 The real reason we cannot leave now, is because we cannot allow Pakistan to fall to the Taliban-Al Quida and get control of their nuclear weapons.
Thus we are there,and will be there for a long time-hopefully to some sort of ability to strengthen Pakistan to join our team 100%