Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retroactive laws

The attempt by House Dems to force BP to pay for clean-up retroactively is not only unconstitutional,but sets a bad precedent .
Another is the attempt to reinstate the death tax for peoples estates who already died from Jan 1,to the present.
It is a principle of our constitution that we cannot pass such laws retroactive;y.
There is an op-ed in this mornings WSJ as to the economic uncertainties that are on of the main cause of the failure of Obamanomics.
In Russia Thia may be the norm.
This in no way means I condone BP for what may be its laxity.However it took Obama 71 days to accept foreign help.and 2 months to meet with NP.Listening to Govs. Jindal and Barbour,one sees every day the roadblocks that different agencies have put up to prevent a better cleanup effort.
Congress should concentrate on getting the administration working efficiently,and look at how they and all previous administrations were not on the ball in preparing and avoidinmg such a catastrophe.