Tuesday, June 01, 2010


As the world attacks Israel for the fiasco in the waters outside of Gaza,a few salient points should be underscored-as they are in the editorial and op-ed in todays WSJ.
When you have such a well organized flotilla,certain questions need to be answered.
1 Who owns the boats used?
2-who paid for the use of the boats-fuel crew etc?
3.Since no insurance company would cover a boat that set out to enter a prohibited military area,who but a government(TURKEY?) or a terrorist organization must be behind it.
4. Who paid for the airfare for those on the boat who flew from the US and other countries?
5.Since Turkey instigated and co-sponsored this why are they complaining of loss of Turkish lives?What did they expect?

In truth the ships were part of a Hamas-Al Quida-Turkey plot to push Israel into a PR hole.-They succeeded!
And now more ships are coming.
Hopefully either Israel will integrate these captured ships into the Israel maritime fleet, or simply burn them-by no means return them to Turkey.

Had this been any other country, we would expect to see the resignation of the Defense Minister, and all those involved in the planning.BEING iSRAEL.WE WILL WAIT AND SEE.