Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was a good day for the President.He twisted BP's arm and got his 20 billion dollar fund.He also got 100 million as a gift toward those laid off by his moratorium.In the Senate he did not do as well on the money bills.
However, I believe this bit of good news will be short lived.
It will take time for people to gather documents and submit them.Inevitably
many will be dissatified with the pace of payment and the amount.
In the meantime,the oil is gushing,and at best will take months to stop, while cleanup can take years.
Everyday the oil story will be on page 1, and on the cable news.It will rob Obama of energy and political support for his programs,even as he is attacked daily by left and right.
With only 6 weeks left in the legislative cycle befor elections,he faces a low approval rating, and a nervous Party afraid of the voters.