Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Charedi riots / Oil and the WH

It is hard to watch the rioting in Israel as black-clad charedim protest the court ordered integration of a girls achool in Emanuel.The Ashkenazim claim the Sephardim are not religious enough.At a time when Israel is threatened by external enemies ,it is outrageous that this segement of society should act in such a manner.The parents have been ordered to jail for 2 weeks.
Perhaps it is the time to re-examine the money spent to support these young men who avoid the Army. And, the stipends for large families which allows husbands not to enter the work force should be re-examined.
Yes there should be exemptions for true scholars,preparing to be Judges in the Rabbinic Courts and outstanding scholars who can beome rabbinic leaders.But, these should be based on objective exams.The rest should be obligated to serve either in the milirary or do national service.

The actions of the Administration in stopping foreign ships that can suck crude from the water because of the Jones Act,and Labor opposition, show once again that politics is the only thing that matters in the WH