Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two days on the road, and the world turns around. The Federal Court turns down the moratorium and the General speaks out.
General McCHrystal is obviously a tough and competent leader who ran out of patience.I have not had an opportunity to read the Rolling Stones story,yet I have some real problems.
If he wanted to give an interview, why with them?and why not a respected reporter like Woodward,or the NYT or the WSJ?
Why did he agree to speak to a left wing author ?
If he could no longer tolerate the conditions and the Obama leadership,
shouldn't he have first resigned ,and then spoken to the Nation, and explain his reasons?
In our system of civilian leadership, where the President is Commander in Chief, either you follow orders, or you get out.
I don't want to talk to the substance of his article, until I read it.However, even if agree with every word, my opinion remains the same.
Talk radio seemed to say that the authors took some of his staff out and they were inebriated while being interviewed.
Lesson no-1 -don't go drinking with a reporter unless everything is off the record.
The other "funny" story is Mexico suing Arizona-
For such chutzpah and stupidity-perhaps Americans should boycott Mexico-until they can keep their fence and border in order.