Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sharron Angle/ I DF questioning / Immigration

Although the press has tried to portray Sharron Angle the Republican Senatorial nominee in Nevada AS RIGHT WING AND OFF THE "CHART",I believe she will turn out to be a pro-Israel Senator if elected.
AIPAC reports that she has met with them.Knowing the " code words" and understanding that Harry Reid has been a friend since his Congressional days,nothing more has to be said.
Normally candidates who desire to develop a keener insight into the ME and all the issues and nuances,meets with AIPAC is given a huge briefing book.Following the meeting,they are encouraged to WRITE A POSITION PAPER THAT HOPEFULLY WILL BE PRO-iSRAEL.Usually they have close friends in their campaign who are pro-Israel and will serve as point men(women) to the candidate on our issues.
The latest poll has her up 13 points,.Considering he has been around so many years,being under 50% is not healthy for him.

The attempt by the US to have Israeli members of the IDF questioned by an International body is ourageous,and an insult to the sovereignty of Israel.ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE ANTI-ISRAEL POSITION OF OUR PRESIDENT.

The news that new births in the US in now almost 50% non-whites is not suprising.
Look around at our community-who cuts the lawn,picks up the garbage,works in the grocery stores,mans our hospitals,and so on?
The doctor that gave me an epidural 2 weeks ago for spinal stenosis was Indian.The lady who took my tolls recently on the Florida turnpike spoke Spanish.Almost the entire building staff of our apartment house are not native Americans.
This is the changing face of America,a true melding pot.Of course like our grandparents the first generation has language problems.However,their children assimilated by learning English, besides the Yiddish spoken at home.Today we find many parents not teaching their children English or allowing their kids to speak the form of "English" used in black neighborhoods,(not all are immigrants, but part of the overall problem how do we save our youth)which is a path to failure in our society.
The need for Immigration reform is urgent,especially on 2 counts.
1-the problem of the infiltration of potential terrorists and drug mobsters is real
2- the millions of illegals are overloading the hospitals, welfare systems and schools to the point that all of us are paying dearly, and threatening to bankrupt cities and States.
Reform must include stopping the inflow at the borders,the immediate expulsion of criminals and those who overstayed their visas.That is a criminal act.Yet it is a greater criminal act to overstay your visa,than to climb over a fence in Arizona?
The difficulty is determining what are the criteria for citizenship? who goes first? Is there a penalty for illegal entry?Can every person be made a citizen and at what rate? what about children born here although illegal?
What are the steps necessary-ie speak-read English-? What is the relationship of illegals to legals awaiting citizenship? Can the country absorb 15 million in one swoop?
What if anything does this do with students and scientists who want to enter?
A difficult anf thorny question,that has so far yielded only heat but no light.Is Congress up to this in an election year? EVER?