Monday, June 28, 2010

Iran and the Bomb / Kagan

The statement by CIA Director Leon Panetta regarding Iran and its nuclear capacity certainly puts a timeline on how long the world has to peacefully stop the creation of an actual bomb.
No one can believe that Israel will wait until the very last second to act.Nor should we assume that Israeli intelligence agrees with the public pronouncements of the CIA.It could be that their timeline is less than 2 years.
The frequent visits of Joint Chiefs Chairman ,Admiral Mullen to Israel, is certainly not to discuss the weather.Whether the US under Obama has the backbone to either act alone,or with Israel or even with France,England and Israel is hard to say,for we don't have enough information.
Nevertheless, for Israel ,as is should be for Europe and the US,this issue is at the top of the security agenda.

Sort of interesting that as the Russian President leaves our country,the FBI announces the arrest of 10 deep-cover Russian spies.

I await more facts before I come to a personal conclusion regarding the Kagan nomination.However anyone who places Chief Justice Barak of the Israeli Supreme Court at the head of her "ADMIRE" LIST, CANNOT BE SOMEONE TO SUPPORT.
This is beyond her lack of judicial recpord,her liberalism and the Harvard incident re: military recruiting.
The fact that she is Jewish plays no role in my feelings,since a Liberal is a Liberal regardless of religion.