Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anti-Israel propoganda

As I have commented on in the past,there are many sources for anti-Israel columns and thoughts.
Some are evident when Chavez and Ahmedijean get together.Others from Hamas and the PA are also sources of hate.Yesterday I opened up my July-August copy of Foreign Affairs magazine.Although it tends to be more to the left,and not particularly pro-Israel,the articles are well written,and it is considered the premier foreign policy magazine, and is read by all of the foreign policy establishment.(It is good and important to know what others are thinking)The inside back cover has a full page colored ad by an organization called Goals for Americans.Org.It is an anti-Israel piece whose theme is "Freedom from Israel for Palestine".It blames all terrorism in the world on Israel and calls for a Republic of Palestine with an international seaport,2 international airports(1 in Gaza) and a highway and rail link from Gaza to the West Bank.The map they show for the "Republic of Israel" has Israel either pre-'67 or '48-it is difficult to tell.
Of course no mention of Hamas terror,rockets, multiple wars against Israel,Shalit etc.
Of note is that I have subscribed to the magazine for decades,and cannot recall such a multi-colored well put together propaganda ad.
But these are our enemies,so when you read Haaretz as I do,you don't know whether to cry or laugh as you would in a Purim article as is written today by Bradley Burston.
Imagine the Tea Party prevailing in America he writes and what would the affect be on Israel?
"Left-hating...Obama hating..clergy driven jingoists..clergy fanned derision of the Supreme Court..American vicarious Zionist groups destroying peace..."all led by the Grand old Man who destroys Jerusalem ,Irving Moskowitz.He concludes with a vicious attack on the Mayor of Jerusalem-Barkat-who he calls a "shvontz".
For the record Moskowitz is the greatest visionary of our time in bringing about a united Jewish Jerusalem.