Tuesday, June 08, 2010

" Kick ass"

I recall once in my last year of residency our Chief, a mild but forceful individual was involved in a difficult surgery.He was not only a Professor in name,but a truly great and innovative surgeon.This particular case was not going well.
Everything appeared to be going wrong,and the atmosphere in the OR was tense.Finally ,upset with the nurses, and probably himself he did something in my 5 years of training with him I had never winessed.-He started cursing-like a drunken sailor-and then when he got it out his system,AND things started to settle down in the OR,he proclaimed-"ladies and gentlemen I wish to apologize for using a dirty word-I know I should not have said SHIT"-Everyone broke out laughing.
They told Obama to act "angry" and therefore in a most unpresidential comment that will not serve as an example for our young children,he said on TV, that he will find out who is responsible so he can "kick ass".
I can imagine going back to his offfice and saying to his staff "was I angry enough?" perhaps tomorrow I can say " DAMN or CRAP etc-get me a Theosorus of angry words and phrases!"