Sunday, June 06, 2010

Helen Thomas / Unions / UN FLOTILLA COMMISSION

The absence of a huge furor over Helen Thomas' anti-semitic remarks( except for Ari Fleisher)is amazing.Imagine if she had talked about Blacks and said something rascist like "let them go home to their countries in Africa" how long would she last at Hearst? the WH? But attacking Jews-a simple apology will do.Do you think the Congrssional Black Caucus would accept that?
WHAT IS SHE APOLOGIZING FOR?-THAT HER REMARKS HAVE BEEN CIRCULATED?Certainly not for her vile and vicious anti-Israel bent,as demonstrated by her question to Gibbs over the Hamas inspired flotilla.Where is the WH press office-saying goodbye Helen ? or the WH Press Corps?

The Unions can be deadly when you cross them.Look at the hatchet job they are doing on Gov Christie,who is trying to save the State from bankruptcy.And in Nebraska they have poured millions against the Democratic incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln BECAUSE SHE WOULD NOT SUPPORT CARD-CHECK.

Since the UN wishes to have an International panel examine the flotilla story, why not save a lot of time,have the Arab League choose the members, and perhaps convince Judge Goldstone to act as "impartial Chairman"?