Monday, June 14, 2010

The New Flotilla / The BP LEAK

Well it looks like there is a new Iranian flotilla headed for Gaza which among other things has construction material.This of course can be used for bunkers and platforms for rockets.
Israel will have no choice but to stop the flotilla-to do otherwise is to proclaim that Iran has won and now has an open seaport for arms shipment.

The Pres. is down "inspecting " the oil leak ,returning to Washinton to address the nation and then on Wed. meet with BP.
It seems to me that the BP meeting should have come 40 or 50 days ago, but surely before he makes his speech.
Obviously he is playing the heavy with BP and forcing them to turn over long in advance of any adjudication of fault, huge amounts of money.While I have no sympathy for BP,I am concerned when you allow politicians the power to dole out money.
The idea of using this tragedy to pass cap and tax(trade) will not solve the problems of the spill, nor answer how we are going to avoid the loss of jobs from the 6 month moratorium.In addition for the time being we are in a recession,with high unemployment,and the last thing we need are higher taxes for energy,or destruction of our coal industrry.