Friday, June 11, 2010


The Weekly Standard reports that the US will support a UN resolution for an International investigation Commission in the flotilla event.
Obviously this is the latest in the blatant anti-Israel announcements of this despicable Administration.Susan Rice,our UN Ambassador is reported to have lobbied for such a stance.
It will not investigate Turkey and its role,nor any other issue, except a blatant undisguised attempt to destroy the reputation of Israel.
They totally push aside the impartial Israeli investigation with a retired Supreme Court Justice as Chairman.
Of course Congress should publicly attack this decision,as should friends of Israel in and out of govt.
As for Israel, they should send Senator Mitchell packing for Israel can no longer count on the US- AS A TRUE FRIEND.
When Bibi gets his invitation from Obama for the cancelled meeting,respectfully decline-for it is not only a waste of time,but an opportunity for more pressure.
Finally as soon as the 10 month moratorium is over,Israel should start with a full and RAPID costruction phase in E Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.