Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Israel must stay strong

The more you read,and the more videos of the flotilla you see, the angrier you get.Glenn Beck had a wonderful summary of the pro-Hamas, pro-Al Quida groups including Americans who are supporting the attacks on Israel via these ships.Some of the editorials across the country have been supportive of Israel.
Sadly the WH is trying to straddle the fence.They could have nipped the UN statement in the bud.
Netanyahu is correct that this was not a "love boat,and Israel cannot allow Iran an opportunity to get arms and concrete for bunkers into Gaza.In fact Hamas rejected the overland delivery of the items that came on the ships-proving they were not necessary after all.
The delay in the Security Council vote on Iranian sanctions because of this is pure political nonsense.
The truth is that no matter what Israel does on the world scene it will be attacked.
Negotiating with Abbas is a pure waste of time.In addition Israel was wrong to release those who violently attacked the troops.