Monday, August 22, 2011

A lousy plane trip / Libya

Many times when we have flown to Florida for short periods, I lament that we did not drive.What with security,waiting in the airport etc.,Iam not a happy camper.
Yesterday took the cake.Being put on the JETBLUE plane for 75 minutes in case we would get clearance to take off,circling around N. Carolna, and later around Virginia.Then we were told we could not land in Newark,and 20 minutes before arriving at JFK,we were told that we would proceed to Newark our original destination. Time about 5 plus hours.
To top it off I woke up this morning ill, and diagnosed with pneumonia-so I am in for the week.

Watching these 'rebels' shooting their weapons into the air,proves their lack of military decorum.They could not have achieved their victory without msssive NATO bombings, drone intelligence and so on.Even without boots on the ground, our bill (USA) is close to 1 billion dollars.Now comes the hard part protecting the poison gas supplies from Al Quida, some sort of democratic regime,and stability among all the tribes.
Assad must be next,and we have to prevent the Iranian influence from subverting the will of the world.