Thursday, August 04, 2011

A President in over his head

This is not original,howevever even though I would not have voted for her,things would have been different had Hillary been President.
The President was elected without any record of accomplishment.He was a sweet talker,pleasnt smile,agile a good personality and above all a black person in a nation that was anxious to prove that racism was dead.
On top of that, the country was fed up with Bush and any Dem. would have beaten a lacklust John McCain.
No one really wanted to question or examine the Obama record-his lack of a legislative accomplishment,a hyper-partisan left wing orientation together with a long list of associations with leftist and even questionable individuals like Rev.Wright.
Moreover,he had zero business experience,never having had a paying job in industry or business.His frame of reference was government largess and the European socialist mode on top of an anti-colonial philosophy based on his fathers ideology.
That included an anti-military approach, as well as as a feeling that American wealth need to be redistributed in order for there to be a sense of "fairness" in society.Giant corporations were a sign of American greed,and American exceptionalism was against the international "order".
He believed that he could change America within 8 years and have a cradle to grave welfare state.All he needed was a compliant Congress, a national media that was on his side,and a few smiles and frequent speeches.
Unfortunately for him the magic is gone and reality has set in.His chances at re-election not only are dimming everyday, but with it will come a reversal of his Obamacare and his Union-oriented beaurocracy.
The country is tired of the blame game-ie. the tsunami, Arab spring,Bush, Tea Party , terrorists,and so on.
The economic mess, not only the debt is his and Democrats are dejected,because many of them will be losing their seats.If Republicans cannot pick a candidate with strong economic views,then they deserve to lose.