Monday, August 01, 2011

Rabbi Meir kahane ob"m and the Tea Party / Syria-Obama

When I was young I was not enamoured with Rabbi Kahane. He seemed radical,rigid and outside of the organized Jewish Community.
However, it did not take me long to realize his greatness.By chaining himself to the Soviet compound in Long Island,picketing and speaking out against the Soviets for their treatment of Jews,something amazing happened.Mainstream Jewish organizations were embarressed by their inaction and suddenly they were fighting with each other as to who could be more effective in helping our brethren in the Soviet empire.To some extent they marginalized Kahane,but the battle that he started with the help of men such as Sen. Henry Jackson etc, was won.When I went a number of times to Moscow etc,and saw the Jews lining up for visas I knew the origins of that battle.
Years later I heard Kahane speak to a public rally in Israel about Arabs,but he was an American, and hiw words webt unheeded.
Our country was on the way to becoming another Europe/Greece.Obama was planning another 10 trillion dollar defecit if his programs were accepted.Along came the Tea Party.They understood that the Republican establishment is not too far removed from the Dems.
Their united voices,forced a change in the debate.Taxes were taken off the table and spending cut.
Is this a solution-NO , but it is the end of an ERA,and the beginning of AUSTERITY in our county. Yes the left is angry, and the way-right unfullfilled,however theirs is a great victory in the path TOWARD FISCAL SANITY.
In essence they pushed the agenda despite all the name calling and insults.Their tenacity changed the shape and direction of the debate
Think of how far we have come since the State of the Union address, and the failed Obama buget.
You ain't seen nothing yet!

Another day, ander 199 deaths (or more) in Syria by tanks etc.Obama where is your leadership?