Sunday, July 31, 2011


If you look at the terrible economic picure over and above the debt crisis,you see a sad pattern.
The Democratic Party is wholly owned by the Unions.I forgot the actual number of times the top union leaders were in to the WH last year.I seem to recall it was near 100.
There are no jobs,and business while sitting on record profits and piles of cash are not hiring.It is the anti-business attitude of the Obama administration,that yields uncertainty.
Taxes,increasing cumbersome EPA rules,an NLRB trying to do Labors bidding (that which they cannot achieve in Congress or at the ballot box) are part of the picture.A few examples include the failure to push the Free Trade agreements with 3 countries worth billions to us-held up by the unions because they want to tie it to a worthless billion dollar retraining program.
The efforts of the NLRB to punish Boeing for opening another plant in S. Carolina which is non-unionized,even though their Washington plant(unionized) is working full steam ahead.
The failur the the Dems to approve the House FAA bill,because they want to preserve the underwriting of small airports to the tune of over 2000 dollars per passenger.In addition they want to help unionize certain workers.Therefore airlines cannot collect taxes on plane tickets.
Then there is the taxes and uncertainty of Obamacare.In addition the rules and regulations of Dodd-Frank are still not written.
And so it goes on.
Peggy Noonan put it succintly yesterday "Obama is a loser".