Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Continental Air. / U.K. idiocy

Last nite we flew down to Florida on Continental airlines from Newark.When I booked the tickets, I thought it was a 9.10 AM flight,because on the internet screen it was sandwiched between a 6 and 10 AM flight.A week ago my wife asked me why we were flying at nite,which at first I denied.
I called Continental,and said I was on pain meds,made a mistake and could I change the tickets.
The young lady was very polite,wished me a full recovery,and said of course they could change the tickes at a cost of $165 per ticket,more than we paid for them.
We sat on this plane last nite,totally packed with no empty seats, with no air-conditioning for a half hour,until the last moment the engines started.
On Jet Blue,they give out as many snacks as you desire.On Continental I felt like I was in a "shuk" except coffee/water etc, all is for sale,and they keep walking up and down trying to make a sale.

CNN fires Spitzer.They should try Weiner next.

Yesterday before flying,I had to show identification.When you walk into most major buildings in business areas, you need to identify yourself.Only a Bill Clinton would have the chutzpah to call the new efforts to prevent irreular and fraudulant voting a reversion to " Jim Crow".
This business of getting people off the street,walking in with no identity,registering and voting the same day is reminiscent of the old
Tammany Hall trick of paying people to vote.

The laws of the U.K. where individuals can swear out arrest warrants on Israeli leaders and former military generals is abusive and outrageous.This week Tzipi Livni,opposition leader, could not go to London,and Amir Peretz and retired General Danny Rothschild had to leave early before being served with arrest warrants.